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hello everybody, anyone has news about toxicity of aquaponics veggies?

A friend of mine got sick after he ate a boiled chard growth in aquaponics.

He got intense sweating, tachycardia, anxiety and dysentery.

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Rob Nash said:

Been growing Chard for years in AP, never had a problem.. 

the Fordhook Giants just make me smile!

Rob, your plants look great. Curious, what size is your system and how many fish are you using. My plants aren't doing so well. My husband thinks it's that I don't have enough fish. I have 90 Tilapia in a 300 gallon tank. All tanks and beds included I have about 750 gallons of water. Some of my fish are fingerlings and some are larger. My grow is indoors under artificial lighting. Metal Halides. Any help would be appreciated!

Plants do not store nitrates as far as I know. They are able to have nitrogen, but the air consists of 80% nitrogen, while living things only have 20% nitrogen.

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