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Hi Friends,

I am going to set up a series of wicking beds fed a constant flow of water from my fish pond.

Will the plants pull nutrients from the water wicking up from the reservoirs in the beds or do I need to water on top through the media down to a drain? 

I am hoping to be able to set up the beds, actually boxes so I can pull a box from the system and replant throughout the season.  If the plants will draw nutrients from the water reservoir then I can just set up a simple constantly flowing system, pumping water to the boxes, to a sump then back to the fish pond.

Thanks for your imput.  Paul.

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Is there a forum/group for wicking beds? I'd like to see how wicking compares to other bed systems. Also like to know advantages/disadvantages. Thanks!

Hi Blue,

I am on many forums, aquaponic, gardening and whtever.  I thought I had read posts on this forum concerning wicking beds, that is why i posted here.

I do know the earthan group has an aquaponic system in a retirement home that uses wicking beds and deep water culture.

Here is a youtube of the system:


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