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I posted this discussion to the Green Acres Farming Course group. No replies, or even views for that matter for 2 weeks. So, I though I'd post it to the main forum. Here it is:

When I attended the Green Acres commercial course, I noticed there were a lot of book suggestions being thrown around. I thought it would be neat if everyone could list some of their favorite books related to business, aquaponics, or anything else that would be remotely related to commercial aquaponics or the local food movement.

So here's my question: Do you have a book that has you have found  a) resourceful for food production, b) encouraging to your lifestyle or the mission of aquaponics, or c) has altered your way of thinking or your approach to business.

List the title, author, a link to the book on amazon, and a reason why you suggest your book or how it has impacted your life.

I look forward to seeing everyone's suggestions. Meanwhile here's a book that I recommend very highly recommend: Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker. This is a book that is a must read for any businessman, especially those wishing to start their own business. He gives very thorough, but easy to understand concepts about how to analyze your market and how to create a business that has a higher chance of success with consumers, and how you can maintain that success once your business is established. Yes, this book was written in 1985, but the concepts still apply. Peter Drucker is still considered the "go-to" man on entrepreneurship today.

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Alex, i like this idea... my favorite book to recommend to folks is... Hydroponic Food Production by Howard Resh .

this book is considered the "Bible" of the hydro food industry. i have never been let down when referring to this book.



Thanks for the suggestion! This looks like an awesome book. Seems comprehensive.

Jones, J. Benton, 1930–
Hydroponics : a practical guide for the soilless grower / J. Benton Jones, Jr. — 2nd ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-8493-3167-6 (alk. paper)
1. Hydroponics. I. Title.
SB126 .5 .J65 2005

Is one of my faves on the plants side...Plus the man is a 'tomato guy' and has many other good books on that subject's a site of his...

for cukes I really dig A.P. Papadopoulos, from the Research Station in Harrow Ontario

Here's their take on tom's...good stuff there too

For anything else, it's mostly research papers and crap like that, for me...

Alex, there is a  thingy here that might be of some interest. Doesn't seem like much activity going on there as of late, but...

Although this book has nothing to do with aqua/hydroponics it is a valuable how to resource for many other projects that may increase your sustainability capability!

Country Wisdom and Know-how (everything you need to know to live off the land), Editors of Storey Press

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