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Ok, I just started cycling my system this weekend. I am probably on day 3 or so. Today I went down to test the water and I attached my results. Why is it that everything is high? I thought I would see the ammonia spike, followed by the nitrite spike, followed by the nitrates, at which point I could add my fish. Am I doing something wrong?test results 5/30/11

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Windy Elliott said:

ok. I have the new tank up and started cycling. I'm not sure, but I think my AP tank is ready for fish? The jail tank never seems to change. I would like to put something in there to help with the algae, but the little monster will just eat them. I hate having the three tanks, but I guess I'm stuck. Maybe when the second tank is ready I can put him in there with the Koi.


One of my Mollies is preggers so I got a breeder net. Going to try to keep the big ones from eating the little ones. I guess I am still over feeding my HT. But I have the large blue Koi in there and he grabs all the food for himself so I always feel guilty and add more.


Advice and input would be appreciated. :-)


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