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Ok, I just started cycling my system this weekend. I am probably on day 3 or so. Today I went down to test the water and I attached my results. Why is it that everything is high? I thought I would see the ammonia spike, followed by the nitrite spike, followed by the nitrates, at which point I could add my fish. Am I doing something wrong?test results 5/30/11

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Great progress on the ammonia in the AP tank!  Soon those nitrites will crash as well...
Aquaponics isn't cycled in a day, hang in there.  As soon as you get your filter you will probably want to do some partial water changes for the hospital tank.  Or perhaps by then you will be moving the fish to the AP system once it's done cycling up.
I've just started my system too (about 2 weeks) and I've got constantly high reading of nitrites and nitrates... I was told that I should change out some of the water and add in fresh water.
Numbers today. Still mixed results. I would like to add fish to the tank soon. Guess I should wait a bit longer.
Getting close, hang in there just a bit longer.
ok. Today's numbers. And today I put my mussel in there to see how he does, plus one tiny bala. I know it is a bit early, but the jail tank is struggling and I needed to move him. My jail bird crawdad molted and I want him in by himself until I figure out what to do with him.
Looks like it's time to just start running the AP system as normal then and quit dosing with ammonia and finish the cycle up naturally.
I haven't been adding any ammonia at all. The last time I added anything to the system was back when I posted this thread.
Looks great, Windy!  A bit more to go on the nitrite side but you are certainly close enough to add your little friends to the tank.
Yea, just up the numbers slowly and keep an eye on the ammonia and nitrite so you can stop feeding for a day or so if the ammonia or nitrite start climbing.

ok. I have the new tank up and started cycling. I'm not sure, but I think my AP tank is ready for fish? The jail tank never seems to change. I would like to put something in there to help with the algae, but the little monster will just eat them. I hate having the three tanks, but I guess I'm stuck. Maybe when the second tank is ready I can put him in there with the Koi.


One of my Mollies is preggers so I got a breeder net. Going to try to keep the big ones from eating the little ones. I guess I am still over feeding my HT. But I have the large blue Koi in there and he grabs all the food for himself so I always feel guilty and add more.


Advice and input would be appreciated. :-)


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