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We are in the process of building four 1000gal tanks for our indoor aquaponics system that will pump out to a 1500sf green house with float beds. We have done smaller 275gal totes and notice that the evaporation can be very high. Our plan is to heat the tanks with solar thermal panels and keep it at 75-80 degrees year round. My question is what type of lids or covers are suggested to keep the evaporation down. Being indoors we would have swamp like conditions in our warehouse very quickly. I know we will always have some moisture and will be installing an in and an out fan, following with an ERV. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Wil

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I would highly suggest setting up some type of reclamation system with your lids. If you look at plans for solar stills you will see what I'm talking about. You can set them up to drain to a separate container or back into the system. Your float beds will act as lids for the raft beds however the plant transpiration will raise humidity; especially in that high of a heat. There you may just have to pony up for a dehumidifier. Just some thoughts..

I agree with Paul.  On a smaller scale, when I had 5 aquarium systems in my basement, I started having humidity problems despite good temp and air control.  I added two dehumidifiers and the problem was very quickly resolved.  I added the reclaimed water right back into the systems.  Worked a treat.  I'm sure the concept scales, even if the specifics don't.

Thanks for the advice guys. We are going to develop something on the solar still concept. Great idea. Hopefully we dont have to go with dehumidifiers as we want it to be as little power consumption, but its nice to have that option. 

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