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i'm interested mainly in the business end of aquaponics, so here are some questions that have been proposed to me over the last few years. granted my responses are going to be my personal opinions and will be open to full discussion.


Does being a back yard warrior of aquapopnics qualify you to give training sessions for profit?


depends on what you're training. if you're going to train people on how to do what you've done, then by all means train away, but if you only have a small back yard system, then you shouldn't be selling advice on things like commercial systems. although in theory they are the same things just on different scales, but one small system is a far cry away from a full scale commercial system. the general rule of thumb for me is like a pay grade,you can advise below what you're currently at, but shouldn't ethically go above what you've already accomplished.


the sale of unbacked, theorized production numbers as facts.


this is an easy one, if you haven't actually done it, you cant claim to be able to do it, so you shouldn't sell products like manuals and kits without proper record keeping and time stamped photo evidence. there's alot of people out there claiming that they can grow things in just 4 weeks from seed to harvest...  well.. unless you're talking microgreens, im not convinced...


and last but not least for now, and my personal favorite...


the exploitation of a 2nd or 3rd world countries labor force to seek proper profit margins.


now here me out on this one... while creating an aquaponics business in any 1st world country is looking harder and harder with the increase of a federal minimum wage, 2nd and 3rd world countries with no minimum wage base leaves the proprietor free to pay what ever they want...


but here's the twist.


lets say the average wage in the united states is around $8 per hour now, and the average  wage of some 2n or 3rd world country is $2 per day. with that being said, you start your operation in the 3rd world country where you could pay $2 a day per person for labor, but you actually pay them $4-$6 a day which is 2-3 times the national average.


you're still exploiting the 2nd and 3rd world standards of wage, but you're giving these people jobs that pay twice to three times as much as they would be making other wise, all the while securing you high profit margins.


on one hand it's socially unacceptable to exploit these people, but on the other hand it is socially acceptable to pay them a higher wage than average.


if anyone else has more questions of ethics having to do with aquaponics feel free to chime in, because i know i haven't hit them all.

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lol i tried looking for it, but didnt see it. sorry sylvia.

Damon Polta


send him to me...

I will straighten him out...


Our shelter(s) have aquaponics already installed and running.  We don't have an "issue" with having to "remember" to move the fish (like that would work anyways... not likely).


Granted "Our" aquaponics is only 16,000 sq feet, and that includes upper and lower levels (we have two levels - Plants upper, fish lower, with two in ground  - funny to put it that way, it is actually in the floor of the lower level) catch basins to catch the "fish poo".


Bomb shelter is such a misleading term nowadays.  Survival shelter would be a more accurate description.  But since all the "anti Nuke" activists are pushing us closer and closer to the next World War (and armagedon)  it may very well fit the bill.


We went over 40 years of non nuclear war because of the MADD System (Mutual Assured Desolation and Destruction) because a nuclear exchange was not feasible or survivable.  Since all three super powers had enough weapons to retaliate and over kill was the retaliation - it wasn't a viable warfare or diplomatic option.  Now through the efforts of all the anti-nuke lobby's and organizations the world's arsenals are being down sized.  Unfortunately for the human race - Nuclear war is becoming more feasible as a "first strike" weapon - so it is therefore inevitable that the one to strike first will at least win, and possibly be able to live in a small portion of the planet that is left habitable.


Since more radical splinter groups are obtaining nuclear technology (mostly through the Efforts of the French Governments efforts) the chance of nuclear armagedon looms on the horizon.  Yes - I am sure (in fact I'm Positive.. absolutely positive).


But bomb shelter of the old erra are not the same as bomb shelters of this century.  Requirements have radically changed.  With the proliferation of "Bunker Busters" )missiles that are designed to burrow until they hit had material like a bunker and then set of a secondary charge to breach the bunker, and a primary charge ti incinerate the contents) make most under ground designs obsolete.  then there are the fuel Air Bombs we used in the gulf War.  These bombs are dropped out of a cargo aircraft at extreme altitude.  Their descent is controlled (actually guided) to about 40,000 feet above the target area.  The bomb separates immediately after deployment.  The first half is a fuel tank that free falls, the second half is the incidiary that has a slower descent (it uses two para sails to slow it down).  When the secondary reaches a distance of 20,000 to 40,000 feet (depending upon the "total" target area) it blows atomizing the fuel into a heavier than air fuel air mixture.  This vapor reaches up to 160 feet below ground and even gets into every knoock and cranny.  The primary charge ignites 18-45 seconds later and ignites the vapor spread over and saturating the area.  the result is utter and total incineration of everything and everyone combustible.  Three of these were dropped in the gulf war - the Republican guard surrendered (just like the Japanese in World war II) in mass shortly there after.


So in todays military arsenal we have far worse things that "Nuclear Bombs" and they don't have the lasting effects of a nuclear exchange.  But several third world contry's attempting to obtain nuclear weapons could care less about habitation after the fact - they only care about utter destruction...


Bomb Shelter design is a lot more about reactive shielding (providing that hard shell and soft area, then a dead zone to absorb and contain the blast) and blending into the surrounding's to simulate a worthless target.  Out of sight and out of mind is more of a reality.  Communications should be dispersed away from the facility utilizing fiber optics and relay sites should blend with the mountain ridges.  In fact communications should be a "on when used - off when not", communications links should be multiple path with "active monitoring" and the use of spread spectrum technology to activate and inactivate multiple links on a random algorithm should be employed to minimize the chances of unwanted detection.


The use of in-ground fiber optic links between shelters and community's should be maximized.  RF communications should be kept to a minimum and only used sparingly.


Fiber optic isn't that expensive, really...  There are DS3 Fiber Loop Converters on the surplus market (they have a range of up to 160,000 feet of fiber cable length between boxes) and can be had for as little as $300.00 each (Most go in the range of $1,500 - but then sometimes you get lucky).  Using Computers in EMI Shielded Server Rooms with power isolation to minimize EMP you could have a survivable Server (Just like they Have in Langley, Virginia - you know the "second" National Weather Service.  Why else would you think they needed all those Satellite Terminals like Womera, Australia, Diyabakir, Turkey, Permisans, Germany, etc...).  Heck I used to be a weather tech at al three location, plus a couple of others that aren't public knowledge).


HF Nets are nice,  Spread Spectrum Microwave links are the Cats Meow (especially if you have the ability to multi pth and multi-link to allow for Spread Spectrum applications).  But a point to point Fiber Optic link?   Ohhhhhh My Mouth is watering ant the thought.  Totally orgasmic feeling... Communications reliability and survivability.


Forgot to mention.... Fiber optic needs to be buried "below" the Telecommunications Standard of 9 Feet (put it down at 30 feet and no one will find it)...


As for our Fish, We pull a gate and they all slide downstairs into the "shelter tanks" - which are already used as catch basins, so there is little or no adjustment to their environment.


but as for TSHTF....

I say again,  We are closer to Nuclear Armagedon than ever before......



Phoenix, AZ

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