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Just installed my liner and it leak like a sieve at the seams. In ground wood frame 800 gal. Anybody have a coating they use on seams to seal it up. Was told pond pro will not work. ?????

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I never got a chance to use it, but a few people told me that 3m 5200  (I think it's called) in a caulking tube sticks unbelievably to a lot of surfaces.   They say what it sticks to- you'll never remove from it. They use it to patch holes on boats, etc...

I don't know if the product will work for EPDM...but worth looking into.



Thanks Bradly. I'll check it out.

Hi Rick. I work with EPDM every day building Koi ponds and watergardens as my day job. Have you shut off the pumps and allowed the tank to drain down till it stops leaking to locate the leak?  Is the seam a "factory Seam" or one you created yourself during construction?

    Firestone makes the "fish safe" EPDM rubber liner. I purchase my liner from Coastal Pond supply in tucker, Georgia. They sell a repair kit or the necessary patch that comes in a roll. When you call them at 770 496-5740 ask for liz. She is awesome and Knows her stuff.

    Just a thought... In the future, I suggest you use "Permalon" pond liner in the future. It is a Polyethylene base non strechable black liner that is more suitable for AP. It been noted by Bill Dowden, president  and owner of Coastal pond supply that if you want your AP system to be certified Organic, you shouldnt use the rubber liner as it might leech chemicals into the water....etc.. Its safe for fish, but they suggest, perhaps not for "food grade" purposes. Permalon is a lot like Duraskrim only its Black in color.

     I have used silicone from the Home Depot over in the paint section to patch my EPDM rubber liner. It works great. Use the "GE/windows & doors/Black silicone. Not the DAP brand...lousy quality. Hope this helps...Greg

Thanks Greg.

An easy and flawless way to patch your liner is to mend it with pond pro 2000, DIY version of fixing leak of pond liner, easy to use and perfect for joining without trouble. For more details:

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