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Hi everyone,

Sorry for my english level and maybe my question,

But I just set up my own sistem to balkony in middle of huge city :=)

I just wonder is it possible to make a water electrolysis and get the water oxygeb quality high without 

noisy air pump?

Is anyone try or not?

Is it worth to try?

Waiting your experienced replies

Thanks a lot

(pictures are symbolic)

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Hi - electrolysis of water usually uses distilled water - i.e. there are no other ions floating around - the water contains only hydrogen and oxygen.

If you do electrolysis on an aquaponic system - there is a real possibility that other substances will collect at your electrodes (i.e. salt chlorinators in swimming pools uses same principle NaCl + H2O -> HCl + NaOH -> H^+ + Cl^-  + Na^+ + OH^- ions in solution in water -     As Na^+ and Cl^- are more active than OH^- and they'll collect at the anode/cathode.)


So you mean, anode and cathode poles are going to be broken in sometime

or you mean water quality will be no longer good at the beginning?

Actually I am planning to build a box and exhaust oxygen / hydrogen in different tubesç

Then I will putt the oxygen tubes in the fish tank.

You think is it a good idea or not?

Sorry If I am asking a lot  :)

Unfortunately no idea if it's good or bad - try with small isolated body of your system water and see what you get?

I just think your water quality will not give you good electrolytic result - mainly due to the impurities needed in an aquaponic system.

Maybe look at other factors also required for good DO - temperature of water, air/water interface area, fish stocking levels. Putting noisy air pump in soundproof container, location of air pump, replacing air pump, etc.

I just found this link to explain my basic idea.

Offcouse hydrogen will be free to go and oxygen tube will be inside of the fish tank.(maybe with air stone on top)

I would like try and discuss this :)

P.S. this link just for basic to explain. I think I will try HHO Joe cell

electrolysis is very energy intensive. meaning that it takes a lot of power to run it. Also the hydrogen will need to be vented out side because of the high potential for causing an explosion. How large of a system are you building, because if it is not too large you could incorporate a waterfall to create more surface area for the water to naturally absorb the air into it.

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