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So, about eggshells......

1) Eggshells are used as a pH buffer in aquaponics systems, but what does using eggshells bring your pH levels to? (assuming you're using an adequate amount)

2) Does the pH need to be at or below a certain level in order for the eggshells to be good for supplementing calcium?

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Try lime stone pieces .. add or take as needed ...

Thanks Paul. I was just curious about a few details regarding eggshells.

They seem like they hold the water at a pH of around 7.6. My system was lacking in calcium at the time and I was wondering if eggshells gave off calcium in a plant available form or if there were any parameters that needed to be met in order for that calcium to be utilized properly.

I don't know but I put all of our eggshells in the media beds, just to put them to use.  I still use Potassium Bicarbonate too.

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