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Just purchased 2 books on Aquaculture that I believe can help me learn more on water quality, fish rearing, finfish/shellfish species, dietary requirements, etc.


They are:

Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals & Plants by John S. Lucas and Paul C. Southgate (ISBN 9780852382226)

Aquaculture Science by Ph.D. Rick Parker (ISBN 9780766813212)


I have received the first, by Lucas & Southgate and haven't had time to make it through the entire book. From what I've seen, this college textbook has a lot of great information and I see it being a great resource. I purchased it for 9.88 on Amazon and it arrive in near perfect condition (typical of many college textbooks, I suppose.)


The second book I purchased 3.94 and seems to be caught up in the mail system. I'll report back once I receive it.


Does anyone have any books to suggest, besides Sylvia's book and the book from Nelson & Pade?

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Small Scale Aquaculture by Steve Van Gorder  - some nice filter build info, as well as a nice RBC build

(i think kellen has it for sale on his website)

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