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I've been following Bright Agrotech videos and I like his advice. It seems to be extremely well-researched and also backed by many years of experience. He recommends running systems under pressure, possibly using timers.

So, I know of 3 ways ebb 'n flow, or flood and drain can be done using pressure:

1) Overwhelm a small/slow drain with a pump running periodically on a timer.

2) Bell Siphon that overwhelms the inflow with a large drain, no timer necessary.

3) Flout that overwhelms the inflow with a large drain, no timer necessary.

Are these descriptions correct?

Is there another common and/or easy scheme to implement ebb 'n' flow with pressurized delivery (and/or timers)?

Do most people run their siphon or flout systems 24/7 or do they turn pumps off overnight?

Ideally, I'd like to run the pump(s) continuously for longevity but I suppose it is not necessary.

I am considering flout based design at the moment but I want to make sure I understand all the common/good options.

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Amazon has it.  I take it that the Meiner does not contain copper.

Glenn said:

You might check your garden supply/hardware store like Home Depot for "Melner 4-Zone Watering System"  It should be known that a lot of low cost home watering system valves have copper (or worse) internal parts so should be avoided for the sake of fish and our favorite microbes. 

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