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Hi, I need to add acouple grow beds on my indoor system and I am looking for some easy vegetable or fruit plants. Something that I can just pick at and dont have to replant or cycle. Currently, I have T5's, but i can put a 400w HID in there. My lights are on for 14 hours a day. The beds havent been built yet, so im still flexible there. Vertical space is limited but I can build a trellis for some type of vine. I was thinking about adding acouple more shallow beds just like a have and fill them with strawberries, some LED's would be nice for that. I was gonna order some live strawberries but wasnt sure what type to get.




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Strawberries like their crowns to stay dry and the pH low.


For tings that won't require harvest and re-planting as often you might think of water cress or edible flowers.  Problem with many long term crops is they need more space.  However, perhaps something like swiss chard where you just keep picking the outer leaves might work as well as celery and some other longer term greens.

Yes my PH is on the high side. Its a new system also. Celery sounds good,they should be fine under some T5's, i probably need a deeper bed?, which is fine. Yes, longer term greens, thats what i need.  Thank you.

I've heard that water cress likes higher pH situations.  I don't know yet how true that is though.

How about Chives?  They pretty much stay in one place and you snip off what you need.

I was just gonna put some pond plants in there but id rather grow something useful. I bet my chickens will help me eat that watercress and i might be able to just transplant it from the grocery store. Celery and chives should be easy for me to use also. Thank you very much! Is there anything that might be a sugary treat like strawberries?


Just researched swiss chard, that looks like my kinda plant. Thanks again

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