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I have seen a few postings in other areas about "Duckaponics" But outside of extra filtering needs for lots of ducks, does anyone have any thoughts on adding a duck or two to the system? 

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I've raised ducks in the past and they are the absolute worst about waste. I never enjoyed raising them or geese for that matter. But my personality is the type to jump in and deal with any problems as they come. Speaking of problems I see a few mainly-

*Dirty Creatures

*Ducks are omnivores which means they might see your fish or/and plants as lunch

*How would you keep their waste in the system to fertilize 

*and the need for an extra feed for the ducks

Personally I will admit that I am biased against ducks. I would much rather raise chickens, but to each his (or her) own. And if you do end up keeping ducks please keep us informed, I would be very interested in the results. All that aside there is something aesthetically pleasing to having a duck in a pond. 

I think just the risk of transmitting salmonella would keep them out of any area that I was raising vegetables to eat, since it's carried in their waste.

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