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Hello Aquaponic Community,

I have waged war on the slugs in my growbeds.  I read recently that I should flood the growbed for 15 minutes or so.  Will that kill my worms?

Picking the slugs one-by-one is ok, but I can't keep up with them.  They are making a mess of my leafy greens and I have been told that lungworm is a real issue when dealing with slugs.

Thanks for addressing my question.


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Sluggo for slugs or shine them with a light and cut their head off with scissors.  Keep after it and you'll get them under control.

Flooding the growbed definitely works, for cutworms and slugs.  Slugs are mobile so they'll be back soon.

No, flooding probably won't drown them.  I usually flood and then kill them as I see them.

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