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Is anybody using Dolomite as a buffer and magnesium supplement?

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Hi Jonathan. I do use Dolomite lime in addition to another calcium buffer. You do not want to use Dolomite lime exclusively. The reason being that you will land up with a real imbalance in the system when it comes to magnesium - you have to monitor your magnesium levels in any regard. I use slated/hydrated lime as my main calcium buffer and potassium bicarbonate as another buffer when I need to add potassium to the system and alternate, never using them at the same time. I much prefer adding Dolomite lime vs Epson salts which I have heard can be used but I have never used myself.

I have been using small amounts of epsom salt once in a while and thought that the sulfate might build up over time. Dolomite looks to be another solution. Thanks for the response Shaun

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