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Hi all, I was just wondering if you can leave me some information on whether and/or how the moon cycle affects planting in aquaponic system/s, would it be the same as for plants planted in the ground?

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WOW. there is a world outside my box.

mary scholz said:

north of San Francisco, i am far enough away from the big city to stretch  . my step daughter went to Mumbai for a month by her self for vacation.

World traveler said:

I live in the tropics too. Bali.  Where are you?

Colin Maharaj said:

Well I am actually aiming to combine both, by using the "artificial" system and the natural lighting in an effort to keep the plants in the system in tune with the others that are growing "naturally" in the soil (that's an experiment of mine) and to cut costs where lighting in concerned. I live in the Tropics, so we don't have to frustrate about the cold here....good food for thought, you got me thinking more 

Hi All,

Yes Colin............ i still also use the fishing Almanac, i find them reliable for planning successful fishing trips. I'm sure there must be clinical studies done on moon phase planting in soil in relation to plant immunity, pest resistance, dry mass produce etc. I bet it will have a significant effect on AP plants/produce for sure. I'm hoping someone post some info here on these.

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