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Does anyone know of specific plant(s) types that can be fed to tilapia & Koi?

I'm refering to veggie (leaf scraps) from the garden beds- as a supplement to there regular diet.  

Are there any types of plants that I should stay away from- for one reason or another? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Growzay

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@ Growzay: Dude, apologies for messing up your thread. My point was that feed can be tailored to the specific needs of each type of fish we raise and that raw is better than heat treated, also that concentrated nutrients not only help our fish but our plants and therefore fruits have higher nutritional value. What comes out, must be first put in.
@ David W: You just don't get it do you? I was simply illustrating an idea to spark interest and curiosity so that might self study. This was an ordinary large capacity chest freezer used in restaurants, simply hooked up to the intake of a an old spray paint compressor, with a valve and disconnect on the outside. It was not a successful venture, therefore my current involvement with a local feed producer. Sorry to disappoint.
@ Raychel: Your vigilance at record keeping would be an invaluable service to everyone in this field. Thank you! On a side note. I think it would be just fine to keep, and let them eat as much as they want throughout the day. As long as it is fresh and not decayed (too much). Most fish do naturally have biological clocks and thus feed when conditions are most likely ideal. However most fish are also opportunistic feeders and can adapt to new conditions. The more we can simulate these ideal conditions through controlled environments, the happier/ better production and reproduction becomes.I truly believe the swimming pond concept is the true future in sustainable food production.
@ litano: you fed them oatmeal for ten years and they survived? The rest I agree.

Growzay one of the problems I THEORIZE will happen if you go to all vegetable matter in your AP system is you will start seeing trace mineral issues in your plants. Fish meal has alot of trace minerals or a higher concentration of them than plant material. We can achieve the36 percent crude protien with fodder or wheat germ for weight gain in our fish but the trace element factor will have to be supplemented due to the fish cant eat enough minerals to transfer that to our plant to promote healthy plants. Can this be done with worms, grubs, and insects, I hope so. But a large scale operator just cant do this and make a profit yet. Will soldier fly do this maybe but again you have the trace element loss. I know freeze drying is way to expensive to have any impact to date. So in a nutshell if you use all plant matter your fish weight gain will be much slower that fish meal. If weight gain is not a concern then the plants will feed your fish but you will have to supplement externally with minerals to meet your plants needs.


Carey enough said. A theory is all it is you said, got it. I am very pragmatic or practical so it was in my nature to bleed you for all the details. You are more theoretical in nature and was throwing an idea out there. Take care.

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