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Just kinda wondering if incorporating an ap project into the landscape is covered here. I'm not trying to be an ass (it's a natural talent I was born with) but I really dislike the plumbing nightmares I see. Since I kind of threw down on this I'll toss up the first picture and keep em coming as my project progresses with the intention of a minimal indication of something more than planters or a landscaped garden and pond.

The pictures show a modified (split) recycle bin mold I salvaged, modified and 4/5ths buried along with a section of the bin (the cover looking item) that was jammed in it causing its discard. An additional white bin is in the backgroud.  The half piece over the top is being evaluated as a shade and possibly a support for individual planters. Brickwork for walkway and a support base of concrete block for planters is being started with the intention of hiding all evidence of aquaculture or hydroponics.

Looking at a max water volume of about 700 gallons per bin used.

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Thank you Mathew :)

Yup, and then there's that. I'm quite sure you are right, and that in all likelihood roots would eventually begin to travel, but thankfully their are self (root) pruning fabrics (like the stuff SmartPots are made from) which should take care of that.

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