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Do you put rocks and/or plants and the like in the tank?

I am going to be raising yellow perch. Right now my 100 gallon tank i just that, a tank full of water. do most of you put things in their to act as shelter or anything like in an aquarium or do you just leave them empty except for fish?

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You can if you want to. If you're having problems with bullying, shelter is usually a good idea. Personally, my tank is just straight up water and fish.

i have some pvc cutoffs, clay pots and larger PVC fittings in my ft with yp, bg and tilapia..

i wouldn't put rocks in, as solids can accumulate in them.. and as far as plants, no,, i want all my nutrients going to plants in my growbeds

in my crayfish tanks, i use use sponge filters, and plants (anachris and duckweed) as well as rocks on the bottom of the tank.. they need to be cleaned occasionally - i usually siphon up the gunk between batches of baby crayfish

I've got a few aquarium type decorations in my 100 gallon tank for the fish to swim through, and use as shelter, etc.  They seem to enjoy them.  Also for me, it's a bit more exciting than a plain tank. 

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