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I just got these water plants from a friend who wasnt sure what they were to begin with.  They grow like crazy, right in the water.  I know it's hard to identify plants from pictures, but maybe someone can help me?  Thanks!

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Thanks! Because otherwise I have no idea what-so-ever

Looks kinda like water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides).

Thanks, I was thinking that's what it is... Someone else had posted that comment, but I guess deleted it...  Is it safe for my gold fish? I put this stuff in my tank and had a fish die within a week.  Now it kinda looks like another is sick.  Their flake food floats on top of the plants, sometimes I see them poke thru to get it, but not often.

Any advice would help, Thanks again!

Ellen Roelofs said:

Looks kinda like water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides).

I had it in a FT once without problems, but I don't know much about the plant.  In my tanks that have a lot of floating plants, I typically stir the plants after feeding, to get trapped food to fall into the water where the fish can get to it.

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