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I have my first 55 gal aquaponics system built in my backyard  and im still learning how to make it better. we have cool nights here in point mugu ca so I built a wooden box section that covers my fish at night to keep the water warm. I am wondering if the darkness at night is bad for the fish? I know that in a pond or lake there would be moonlight at night so would the darkness in my box be bad for the fish at night?  I joined this site because you all are so informed so any info would help. every post that I have posted so far has been nothing but helpful so I hope this to be the same. thanks to you all.

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Hi James.  I think that is a good question and not just for the simple reasons that first come to mind like thinking fish might be afraid of the dark. It is widely recognized that fish in nature have a built in  pattern of feeding, breeding, and other activity linked to the twice daily changes of the solar and lunar tides. I think the question as to how Trout might one day be coaxed into breeding in captivity "might" have something to do with their positive reinforced feeling of security and well being and a visible moon on a regular routine.

For now, I don't worry a lot about it but do ponder how much we can learn. So I don't really leave them access to view the moon BUT I do take the tides into account when studying their feeding routine. And I do like to keep a yellow light above them during bug season to attract a natural supplemental feed. My wife said she thinks it adds a romanic glow. ;)

lol your wife has a good argument the wife is always right. I just don't want to mess up the fish by how I have it now. they have no light at night.

some fish can be induced to breed easyer with lunar lights but to my knowledge only some inverts actually require it to breed and they are mostly or all salt water.

What fish do you have? I'm up the hill from you (T.O.) and I struggle with keeping my water warm enough. I keep the fish in the garage and pipe the water out to the grow beds. They get normal amounts of daylight and are fine. I hadn't considered lunar light -- just thought that lunar gravity was important.

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