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Dissovled oxygen -> Looking for a meter to measure it or testing method.

Well, I am in search of an meter to measure oxygen in the tank.    Does anyone out there have one of these meters, and can they recommend one?     I have been looking at them on but I don't see any reviews on them.


They seem to be in the $200 - $500    range, I am wondering how long does the meter last?     I am just trying to get an idea of what to look for from those who have more experience than me.




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YEP  -- one other thing to consider ---  is the it looks like you are running on battery power.  So you will need to be checking your battery as your voltage will start to drop off at some point in time.  This will effect your DO readings over time.  At some point you will need to replace the battery and then you will need to recalibrate the unit just as you did above.  I spent $10 more and purchased the pinpoint wall wart for constant power supply source.   It is very easy to hook up and runs for ever and this way I am always sure of my readings and I have learned how to determine if I am getting bogus readings (like 90F and a DO of 12)  at this point I will recalibrate or get a new probe or check the battery.

halemart said:

Thanks Rik.    Good to know I am on track, just need to set the switch..

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