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So if I go to my neighborhood Home Depot I can generally find 3 types of pvc fittings: CPVC(yellowish pvc which i've been told is the one you want for potable water applications), PVC(white), and in the electrical department is a grey PVC used for conduit.

Does it matter which to use? Especially for things like bulkheads... (Finding proper bulkheads around here is challenging, at least if you are trying not to pay more for shipping that for the fitting itself)

I ask because the CPVC which is what I've been told by others is the 'safe' one of the three is the one with the least amount of selection in terms of size/type.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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@Bradly - I'm way up North 100 miles above Sacramento in Chico.

Oh, bummer.  Long way.  Well, look forward to more interchanges on this forum... this AP is an interesting thing !

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