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Hi. I am very interested in bringing a community aquaponics project to Washington DC along the lines of the types of things that "Growing Power" is doing in Milwaukee. Of course, it would take a while to do something that substantial. But I am interested in hearing from others who have ideas of how to make this happen, suggestions of what resources are available in the DC area, organizations to contact, even people who might want to be involved.

Look forward to your thoughts... Thank you, Reuben

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Hi! We're Liz and Brian in Annandale, Virginia. We're just beginning a basement project.

How are things going with you?

Hi. How are you? Sorry I have not been back to Aquaponics Gardening in a bit. And thank you for your response. I have not done anything yet. I live in a tiny apartment in Capitol Hill and there is not much I can really do on my own. I was hoping to get a DC Church or Community Garden or similar player interested in doing something here. I have been looking at some of the community garden groups in DC such as the Walker-Jones Elementary School Group and seeing if I could generate some interest. I think that what will need to happen is that I will have to volunteer and get active in the gardening and meet all the people and then see if there is interest. But always interested if other people want to also get involved or have connections or other people interested. My thinking about this comes from reading about "Growing Power" in Milwaukee led by Will Allen and the kinds of things that they are doing. Was hoping to work with people on  some version of this model and see it develop in DC. Reuben. You can reach me directly at

Hi Reuben,


I'm in the DC area and have a nice family-sized system in my back yard. I work near Capitol Hill and would be interested in talking with you more about this. I'll e-mail you directly - Ciao!

Hello, Reuben!


I am actually trying to do the same thing.  I've been working with a few people here, conducting research, and making some connections to that end.  Please add me as a friend on here and then we can follow-up offline through email.




Hi Amanda,

Very exciting. We've moved the project out of the gloomy basement and into the roomy shed. Starting over. Happy to talk more. Am trying to add you as a Friend. Are you at the Conference? Fantastic. 


I live right in DC, NE near Galludet and I've got a small system running in my backyard. It's doing really well, with 25 bluegill in it. Take a tour here:

I was going to build a greenhouse around it for the winter, but I have to leave town for all of Jan and Feb and Im worried something might go wrong (since ive never built such a thing before). Does anyone know of, or have a heated greenhouse where it can live for the winter and keep running, or someone that might be interested in taking on the project for a while. It doesn't take much work at all, basically just feed the fish once a day. And make sure nothing has gone wrong.

Let me know; Levi [at]

Thanks for the response Levi!  I believe Eco City Farms is interested and will message you shortly.  (I just spoke with them.)  As I am working with them, I look forward to meeting you and seeing your system!

Hello, Liz!


That's odd.  I didn't see a friend request...   How's the transition going?  Does the shed have light?





Liz Kirchner said:

Hi Amanda,

Very exciting. We've moved the project out of the gloomy basement and into the roomy shed. Starting over. Happy to talk more. Am trying to add you as a Friend. Are you at the Conference? Fantastic. 


I live in Rockville, Maryland and have a 175 gal system in my basement under lights.  Been going for about 7 months now.  I would love to get involved.


Hi! Disaster and everything died in October, but we're starting over in the basement. We're using Tupperware tubs. We were growing lettuce.

What kind of fish do you have? We're Liz and Brian in Annandale.

I'm also in Annandale - I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, so haven't done much with my system since fall, but the fish are still alive (goldfish and minnows in the sump, bluegill in the main tank). Even though most the plants disappeared at the end of summer, I've still got strawberry plants wandering over my growbeds (note, I didn't mention anything about actual strawberries), a happy beet plant that I munch off when I wander down to check/feed fish, and two banana plants.

I think we'll be kicking off the DC branch of the Aquaponics Association in January. I suspect a tour of Joel Thevoz' new 3000 gallon system at his catering business in Arlington will be an early adventure for the group. I'll also be hosting a tour of my system (outdoor, DIY greenhouse, ~250 gallons) for a Maryland gardening club sometime in January. Hopefully by then I will have completed enclosing the greenhouse(!) and installing my planned solar and rocket mass heaters.

By the way, Windy Elliott in Alexandria is now licensed to sell tilapia. If you need tilapia, let her know!

Hello All,


My name is Allan Lanton. I am starting a aquaponics nonprofit program here in Dayton, OH called Evergrowing. I would like to work with you and the Aquaponic Association if possible. Currently I am revising my business plan. I would love to have your opinion on financials and such.




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