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The results of this discussion will form the definition of Media Based Aquaponic Gardening on our Community Glossary of Terms.

So, how would you define media-based aquaponics in 50 words or less?

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Where the filtration (both bio and solids) takes place in the media filled plant growing apparatus such as a gravel (or other aggregate)  filled grow bed or matrix media filled Zipgrow tower.  The water delivery can be constant or times and it may also be flood and drain, distributed trickle or constant flood.  The media must be fairly evenly moist through most of it's depth to provide the necessary filtration for the system.  A bed with only a thin flow of water through the bottom of it where most of the depth of media remains dry (as in a modified NFT) will not provide the filtration required.

well stated

I might also recommend listing the functions that a media based aquaponic growing space fills.

1-a media bed supports the plants

2-a media bed provides solids filtration

3-a media bed provides bio-filtration

4-a media bed provides for worms

5- a horizontal media bed provides a place to set down your drink.

thanks, TC!  I've added this to the Glossary page...

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