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I have had a major fish die off. Here's a photo of today's dead fish. Note the open mouth. I do have plenty of aeration so it's not a sign that the fish are gasping for air. Any ideas? 

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I put 100 channel cats in the system 9 days ago.  I'm down to 8.   Good luck getting help.  Think it's just you and me here

Where do you live? I was thinking about switching to catfish but maybe I won't...

I live in N.E. Tennessee.   I am the only person in an hours drive doing this.  No one knows anything about AP.  Catfish are supposed to be tough....   I have had goldfish in system since October last year.  Not 1 dead out of 40.  In fact, I have 18 babies that have grown up "down stream" of the tank in the DWC and sump that are now 1.5" long.  

I would stick with goldfish unless you want the fish.  I don't.  I am going to put the goldfish back in the pond out front of the house and switch to Hydro.  So far, nothing has grown well and i'm just poring money and time into this thing.

Hope you can find someone who would give you some time and advice to help.  

Thanks. I have successfully raised tilapia here in the Florida Keys for three years so this was a big surprise. Almost all dead out of 25 but not until the last three weeks. A major mystery. I do want the fish and ate tilapia last year. I may put in goldfish just to keep the system going until the fall and then start over with tilapia. 

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