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Hi all,

We have setup 2 small systems on our balcony 7 months ago and everything been growing well and healthy. Got 6 goldfish in my tub and usually feed them 3 Tablespoons full of worms daily. This morning I found one dead fish in the tank. Immediately did all tests and everything is at the standard level. pH 7.4/Ammonia 0.25/Nitrate 0.

Deep down I am hoping that the fish passed because of over eating. Cause the other fish seemed to look alright. I went through some of the discussions here and everyone seem to have different scenarios, thought I give it a try to shout out and see if anyone can help shed some light.

Thank you so much!!


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Did you test for nitrite and have you done any pH changes lately? Sometimes fish just die, and there isn't really a problem. If you keep losing fish though, something's wrong.

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