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Any ideas why this fish died? We have 8 mo old Talipia and 4 goldfish I found this one floating this morning it looks pretty bloated

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Poor guy! It may be a case of dropsy. Google it and see if the symptoms and description fit your case.

Dropsy is usually associated with stress factors, fish aggression, or poor water quality. Goldfish seem to be very susceptible. If you think it is dropsy, you may want to check your water parameters and take steps to correct any problems you find. Other possible causes could be aggression from the tilapia or a recent stressor in the last week or so (i.e. a dramatic pH change or something similar).

Good luck.

 (i.e. a dramatic pH change or something similar).

Thank you both for your insights. I think dropsy is it. My Talipia don't seem affected but I will keep an eye on them and the remaining 3 goldfish. The whole tank 250 gal quit eating a couple weeks ago and we did a 25% water change because the water was getting nasty my garden is doing great but the fish are more of a challenge I also hear fish banging on the side of the IBC tote like there might be a bully in the tank.

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