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Hi all, I have been cycleing my tote system for 14 days now, and my ammonia is still at 4ppm, and I have no measurable nitrite level. My ph is 7.6 and temp is 80 degrees. I off gassed prior to cycleing with The AP Sources kit for 5 days. I have no plants, or fish in the system yet. What could be wrong here, or am I just being impatient? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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It looks as though the hatchery closed their doors early. I just talked to the guy last week and he said he would be open until the 15th. I think I have to unplug the system until next spring now. I just can't see paying all that electric bill for gold fish...
   My nitrates were just starting to read 5.0 too. Its a shame.
Alex Veidel said:

You don't necessarily have to be fully cycled before you introduce your fish. Cycling with fish is an option too, although it has potential to be more stressful for you and the fish. Just be prepared to do water changes if the ammonia creeps too high. If it is a matter of getting your fish now or having to wait till next year, by all means do it now! There's my two cents.

I was able to cycle and start seeing nitrates after only 10 days. I inoculated my grow beds with a biofilter from my sons established 20 gallon tropical fish tank.  I tested the water in his fish tank and the nitrates were off the chart, so I figured the filter had all the good bacteria I needed.  I placed the filter from the fish tank into my media grow bed right under the intake into the bed.  I started to see signs of the nitrification process in just days!

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