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I currently a small home system. Currently,I am in the late days of fish-less cycling. In my area, it is extremely difficult to find a test kit. I would really appreciate if someone tells me some of the signs of a completed cycled system. Another issue is an algal bloom, i am in extreme need of knowing if i am cycling or not. If i am cycling, i will introduce fish to eat the algae. Any help will be really appreciated.

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Amazon has test kits if that works for you

or see the SHOP tab at the top of this page

There's no way to know what's happening without test kits when you fishless cycle....  

After your bacteria has fully colonized you may notice a thin brownish coating on the inside of your pipes.

Thank you so much Jonathan and George. It turns out I am cycling, and i will see if amazon can deliver a test kit to Egypt.
Thank you for your time.

Also you need to remember that once your system is cycled the bacteria will start to lower the PH of your system and you will need to buffer with calcium hydroxide and potassium bicarbonate alternatively. The bacteria will die if the PH gets too low then the ammonia levels spike and the fish can die. The only way to do this is to know your PH... so a test kit is critical for the long term health of your system.

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