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Hello All,
I finally turned the key and started cycling my system. The water was sitting in the two- 3ton tanks for two months while I finished all the work.
I added 140ml of 33% ammonia to start with (total water including rafts was 10tons) , and boom! The ammonia level went to 8ppm. I waited for it to come down, and then continued adding 50ml every day that went down to 0.05ppm every 12 hours or so.And the nitrites spiked to 20-30 ppm in one week while nitrites went to 200ppm. I read some posts saying I should stop adding ammonia, and that's what I did. Now , Ammonia is 0.05ppm , Nitrites 2ppm, and Nitrates 100ppm. Am I going in the right direction? Should I feed ammonia every other day or so? Or just stop it? I'm guessing my nitrites will come down under 1ppm tomorrow. Does that mean my system is fully cycled? Or is there a possibility of a second spike/fluctiation?
I'll post some pictures later....

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Hi Cengiz,

When your test show Nitrite reading at 0ppm in the system, add approx. 1/4 of the original ammonia dose, which is about 40ml ammonia or dose until the ammonia level in the water reads 4ppm. After dosing test for ammonia every 12 hours. Ideally at this dose of ammonia you want to get a 0ppm nitrite reading over a 24 hour period. If your system can indeed digest the 40 ml within a 24 hour period it not only means that your system is cycled but that it would be more than able to handle a full fish load within the ratios for the rule of thumb.

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