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Ok I am getting most of my parts to build my 250 gal system. Being this is my first time making a system I have been reading the forums so I will be ready. All I have read is this takes a long time! And it's hard so does anyone know where I can find a site or video that gives step by step instructions? Should I do this with gold fish or with nothing....

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I'm still learning too. Just built my first system & have read Sylvia Bernsteins book
& apuaponics for dummies, both are a great resource. Hopefuly someone with more expertise will chime in.
Good luck :-)

The best methods I have seen and used is a 3 stage filtration system 1. vortex radial flow tank to capture large waste deposits. 2. moving bed bio medium filter 3. sump tank.   I am going to take you all the way to Austrailia for a prime example of a quality aquaponic setup as I don't have videos or anything about my old setup which is practically identical to this guys system

I always kick a new system off using goldfish. They are cheap and easy to replace, and they make the same ammonia as every other fish. Depending on your water supply some of your fish will probably die. I used Youtube to find out everything I would need, and how to build it. You'll rarely run into a problem that someone else hasn't fixed then posted a video about.

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