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Hi everyone.
Looks like we're in for a cold week here in the north east.
I was thinking of putting Dow foam directly in my tote tank on the water to try and prevent heat loss of the water.
I already have two inch Dow under the the tank and spray foam insulation approx. 1.5" thick around the sides of the tank.
I have my 300 watt aquarium heater and my air stone in their o I don't think a lack of oxygen will be a problem .
Please if any one can advise me I do appreciate the answers .
Thanks, Gerry

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A follow up.
So I put the two inch Dow foam on top of the water. About 98% coverage.
The tank sitting in my back yard exposed to all the elements.
Last week in 30 degree weather I was lucky to see water temp of 58 - 62.
Result of putting insulation on top .
It's been 10 - 12 degrees this week with wind chill real feel below that if that matters and the water temp is holding steady around 82 degrees.
Don't know how much it costing to run this .plan to put a meter on the feed .

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