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After my first season of trials and errors and failures and successes, here is a short list of my favorite things about aquaponic gardening:

1) that feeling when I finally got my water chemistry under control (okay, maybe not "under control" but at least "understood");

2) being able to remove spent plants and replant immediately--without having to amend, and watching crops turn over one after another through our long season;

3) seeing my fish stock grow from leetle kitty-fish to table-sized bullheads;

4) and (of course) having the steady flow of fresh greens for my family and scraps for the chickens.

What are yours?

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1) Makes my garage look like a jungle. Having some greenery in the house all year gets me through the winter months.

2) Having something to talk about the moment someone steps foot in my house

3) The ability to grow food with the amount of work you desire to put into it. You can be as laborious as you like, or you can just let it kind of happen on its own. And the whole thing doesn't fall apart if you need to walk away for a week.

I concur with your thoughts.  I chuckled when I read Alex's comments about "having something to talk about the moment someone steps foot in my house."  This is so true!  It's one of those topics that gets people intrigued and asking lots of questions.  It's quite interesting to see how your guests get their own creative juices flowing while looking at my system...

 The ability to "create" things has been my most enjoyable aspects.  Creating the plans, building a simple growing system with everyday materials, and creating healthy food.

Eating fresh lettuce...flavorful lettuce that i also very satisfying to me. It's hard to buy lettuce in the store that's anywhere close to the same quality as what you can produce at home with even the simplest aquaponic system.

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