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Hi, I just started my first system and I'm curious about which way to go with my setup? I've been running my pump constantly on most days and on others I run it 30 minutes on, 1 hour off. I've noticed when running it constantly, the water level is pretty constant in the grow beds as well and I'm not sure if constant water on plant roots will be bad for my plants. I've got a 3/4" PVC pipe that drains the water about an inch from notion through a small hole and the top is open for draining when the water level reaches about an inch from the top of the grow medium. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks again, 

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Flood and drain is great and some plants like it best, however, constant flood can work too and as long as there is enough flow and aeration it works fine as long as the surface of the media stays dry.

There have been trials run over at BYAP where they are running three systems.

Constant flood

Siphon flood and drain

Timed flood and drain

All three systems seem to work well.

The Constant Flood might be a good way to go while cycling up and whenever there are water quality spikes.

Or if you have to add more grow beds but don't have the fish tank or sump tank capacity to handle more water level fluctuations you might add constant flood beds.

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