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Day 6 urease aged humonia: Today there is no change in the ammonia produced from urease aged humonia.  It tested the same as day 5: 16 drops in 64oz of water got 4ppm ammonia. 

3x urease aged humonia Day 1: I started a 2nd 32oz test batch of urease aged humonia using 1.5 teaspoons of soy flour thinking that 3x the urease enzyme would produce ammonia even faster.  Not true!  It tested the same as the first batch on day one.  40 drops in 64oz of water tested 4ppm ammonia. 

Conclusions: It takes 5 days to fully hydrolyze human urine by adding urease enzyme found in fresh milled soy flour.  1/2 teaspoon of soy flour in 32oz of fresh urine produced 4ppm ammonia in 64oz of well water after aging the humonia 5 day.  Adding 3 times the soy flour produced the same result after one day of aging the humonia. 

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