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When it comes down to it, fish feed is one of the biggest on going costs we will all face. I wanted to know what price per pound you are currently able to purchase fish food at and where you are getting it. Im paying almost a dollar/pound for aquamax right now but I hear of commercial farms that are buying feed at about 22 cents/lb. I would REALLY like to get closer to that number though I wont be purchasing 20,000lbs at a time. Thanks in advance for the feed (Get it, haha) back! :)

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hay Ryan, I'm guessing you are getting it at Aquatic Ecosystems then.

You will get a better price if you find a local feed store that is a purina dealer (go to the purina site and search for dealers around your zip code-but ignore tractor supply as they won't special order purina feed) and ask them the price and if you like it, to have a bag put on the truck for you on their next order.  Over the past two years the price has fluctuated between about $22-30 for a 50 pound bag of the Aquamax 4000 where I have been getting it.

The feed store I usually get mine from puts in their weekly order on Monday and it is usually delivered by Thursday afternoon so I can pick up on Thursday or Friday.

I recently bought a bag of First Strike from Southern States. I'm not quite sure yet but I think it is low quality and tints my water. I was hoping someone else might be familiar with it.

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