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Hey all! I have been an aquapon for the past 2 years and wanting to design a commercial system. Right now I have a question in regards to plumbing. I would like to connect a media filled bed to a DWC bed. How would you suggest to plumb this so that gravity will do the work and piping would be out of the way as much as possible?

I have a quick sketch to give you an idea. If the input to the DWC bed is lower than that of the main line running from the media bed, will this work?

Thank you! 

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We have a commercial farm here in Hawaii that has media beds that auto siphon to dwc beds.  They have their pipes going from the bottom of their media beds across the ground and up to the dwc beds.  The height of the dwc sets the level to the media beds (actually they use flexible pvc pipe to set the level)  Here's a picture.  

If you look at the picture the bell siphon comes up into the DWC and the pipe going up from the bed and then down from the DWC is the air break.

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