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I am looking to build a commercial greenhouse in NC about 35' wide and 70'-80' long. I would like to get some feedback on different manufactures. The company’s that I have looked into so far are Farmtek and Atlas. If anyone has these greenhouses please let me know your opinion or if there are other brands that anyone has used.  Thank you

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Hi Pete,

I know that FarmTeks greenhouses are manufactured by another company- but I can't remember the company now. . . in any case, they're significantly cheaper if you contact the manufacturer directly (for frame and covering) and then source the other parts yourself.  You might have to snoop around a bit.



Hi Pete,

I can't say enough about Omni Structures greenhouses. Both the product and the customer service are excellent. I have a 30' wide by 36' long freestanding greenhouse. I priced the Farmtek, Omni, Polytek and another one I can't think of at the moment. Omni was in the middle price wise. I am so glad I went with Omni as the quality and ease of assembly were the simply awesome. They are in Canada so shipping may be an issue. I live in the northeast so shipping wasn't to bad. Call Brad at Omni for a quote and tell him I sent you. He's a really great guy. Good luck!

Hi  Pete, have you got the greenhouse yet, My is from Atlas manufacturing from south GA.

the best is to get someone close to you this way you can pick it up yourself and save freight. the savings also come on the zoning you are, this is how determined the spacing between the arks 4',5' or 6' of separation. also the length of it is very important the manufacturing length is 48' or 96' and that is because the length of the covers is 96'  so if you build a 70' house you will be wasting material. Also the recommended minimum for a  profitable commercial hose for "hydroponic" is 30x96.

Am building a 24x48 this is my project and if everything go well we may go for one 30x96 gutter connected and we can ad more later, don't get more than 12'H you will have to heat all that spacing in winter and if you are going to hung plants consider reinforcing the arks.

Hope this helps and wish you the best on this project CJ

Thank you for all the advice. I am looking into the options and will be picking and ordering one in Jan. I will post what I end up with.



Myles Harston recommended a company called United Greenhouse during his presentation at the association conference.

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