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Dear all members,

My name is Chris lee, I have recently inherited 16.58 acres(low density) in southern New Jersey. My plans is to start a commercial aquaponics farm, raising Tilapia, rainbow trout, Malaysian prawns, and growing different types of lettuce, herbs, etc.,(market demand).
I designed a 3 layer raft system and incorporating hanging gardens as well. I have at the moment 13 restaurants verbally interested in purchases, and commercial supermarkets as well. I can go on and on, but I am not great with business plans and proforma balance sheets. Does anyone out ther have any tips, pointers, or softwares that they could possibly help me. Just trying to start up my business!

Greatly appreciated and excited!


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The university team will be drawing out info on the renewable scale. I will get back to you results.


Who are you working with at Rutgers, i might know them.  I am on the Board of Managers for Rutgers.  Are you planning to do the fish in a barn?  Cumberland County College had an aquaculture barn  program several years ago, but abandoned it do to the high cost of heating the water (they made the mistake of putting their bio-filter outside).  I do hydroponics in a greenhouse, but have not found a fish to use.  I have looked at Arctic Char since their water temp requirements are about 55 degrees and our ground water is 57.

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