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Has anyone ever raised any type of tilapia in cold temps? Just asking, haven't tried it and from reading around it's not recommended. I live in the DC Metro area and it drops pretty low in the winter around here. Yes, I know completely diff fish, but I have a friend that has raised Koi around here and they have survived the winters outdoors. thanks for any info!

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NO tilapia won't survive outdoors for you without an extreme amount of heating.  If the water temp gets below 55 F they are likely to start dieing.  Koi/goldfish/carp can survive in ponds up in Michigan.  I've had Tilapia die on me in a greenhouse in Florida if I didn't heat the water through the cold spells.

I would recommend Bluegill or Catfish.  My Channel Catfish have done very well for me over the years and I haven't yet gone through a winter with Bluegill but they have survived water down to 40 F for me so far.  (Stop feeding any/all fish when the water gets too cold for them to want to eat and be careful when you do start feeding again not to over do it rotting feed in the tank is a number 1 cause of fish kills.)

Thank you for all the great info!

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