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Aquaponics TV Will Accelerate Planetary Artisinal Fish Farming

Nice story about Tim O’Shea of Clean Fish Inc underscores need to accelerate the creation of Aquaponics T.V., starting with artful, thoughtful compilation of the
best you tube shows out there now, and incremental refinement of the product from every region of the world asap.

I’m also hoping that you and yours will join in some brainstorming to advance the artisinal practice of fish farming. Send an e-mail to if interested.

Aquaponics TV

We will probably begin with the help of a $500,000 IBM Smart Cities grant to the City of Milwaukee to develop collaborative platforms for urban agriculture and aquaponics. I am hoping to gather people from across the planet to harvest that grant money to hasten the day when we can share excellent stories through videography for entertainment and education in our schools and homes.

The recent Sweet Water Workshop One on the Internationalization, Democratization, and Upscaling of Aquaponics brought together people representing the major schools, e.g. Australian, Virgin Islands, and European.

We have you tube to begin with, an armies of media students and professionals ready to pitch in.

I hope you might consider joining in program development for these areas
as well:

Summer Healing Camps at Aquaponics Centers Like Sweet Water, especially for Autistics and ADHD

STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Performance Demonstrations at Aquaponics Projects

Aquaponics System Time Share Competition(friendly) with 4 of Sweet Water’s 10,000 gallon systems

  • will IVY create a more perfect system than Big 10?
  • will aquaponics performance competitions capture attention from football?

Miniature Installations in 5% of world’s schools by 2020

Miniatures for Arid regions, aquaponics collaborative programs real time streamed from Saudi and other arid nations

Miniatures for Rain forest regions, starting in the Congo to help save the Bonobos and i Willie Smits “agroforestry projects”(see TED) in Indonesia

Organic engineering systems

Social Business collaborations

Sweet Soil Collaborations

What say?

Why not?


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Mr. Godsil,


Very Interesting...will provide great exposure and certainly create awareness :-)


Yes I would be willing to share whatever knowledge that I have and acquire in my quest to increase my Aquaponic knowledge.


God bless,


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