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What's happening? This morning found the pond slighty cloudy and a small patches of foam in pond. Last night it was fine but this morning found it in this state. Also my fish are showing (2 Koi's) slight aggressiveness of one towards the other, mating? these two are 4-5 years old and one is constantly on the other hitting it and trying to corral it in some way. Also notice small greenish balls on walls of pond above the water line of the pond. Will do a water test but has anyone seen this before? Thx.

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Duh! It's eggs, after watching all day I got eggs. Caught unprepared any advice on care and the do's and don'ts? :P

I have no idea what to do about eggs but I fear if they are stuck to the walls above the water line it's probably to late for them.  I think for koi breeding they usually use mops or nets or something like underwater grass to catch and hold the eggs so I guess if you want your koi to successfully breed you might need to do some more research to be prepared next time.

Has the water cleared back up?  Is there still foam?  I would have figured green stuff around the water line might be an algae bloom.  If everything is cleared back up then it might just have been the results of mating.  But I'd still do some water tests anyway.

Waters cleared up and foams gone that same day. Totally caught unprepared but I will be next time. Did some test and nothing unusual need to find links to breeding & read up

There are tons of Koi forums I'm sure so a bit of internet searching should find you more info that you will know what to do with.

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