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I'm looking for some help in cleaning a used IBC tote. It had phosphoric acid in it

I have two totes I'm using for tanks. I rinsed both of them then filled with water and let sit for a few days then washed with a very miled soap then rinsed again. I checked the PH in both tanks and a third test of the same water in a cup for a base line. The PH in all of them came out very close to each other at 7.6ish. I put yellow perch in one tank and channel catfish in the second and we will just say the catfish did not do very well.

So I have that tote back outside in the sun full of water right now and am looking for any info on a good way to clean it out and if there is any way to check it afterwords. I was thinking of testing it with some goldfish after I cleaned it.


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Is it phosphoric or phophonium acid? The latter is used as anti-scalant and most likely shipped in such containers, and both could be cleared out by a base. How about baking soda? One pack of NaHCO3 should be enough, since you rinsed the tank.
What is the pH of your raw water? Does it have chlorine? Is it aerated? How long it took the fish before being sky? Ammonia? .....
Charge it to experience, we are learning.
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