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I am still having problems with my 1300 gallon tank water clarity.  The filter is simply not clearing the suspended coloration caused by food and waste.  Any one have a good plan that I can use to build a clairfier?

Are chemical clairfiers safe for fish and any good?

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Yes, I am able to reduce the flow through the filters and keep them running.

Im at a loose, I think that the clearer the water returning to the fish tanks the better off the fish will be.

I honestly think you should build a de-gasser, but i will probably get bet up as soon as i hit add reply, so good luck buddy.

TC I learn more stuff from you. My wife and I wondered why our BGs got so pale and we assumed "sickly" looking. Thanks to U we now know it was the white IBCs You rock.

TCLynx said:

Exactly Jim!

In a lighter color tank you can usually see the fish well but as algae and stuff grows on the sides it gets a little harder to see the fish depending on the light angles.

In my big dark blue tanks, it is really difficult to see fish like my bluegill or catfish.

Actually, it doesn't matter what color the tank is, bluegill are almost always difficult to see since they seem to change color to blend into their surroundings.  In a dark tank, they are dark and in a white tank they are light.

I only know this because I put some bluegill into an IBC tank at the market last winter and they went from being dark to being almost like ghosts.  They were hard to see no matter what I did with them.  Goldfish are far easier to see in almost any tank I've tried.  The Channel catfish stayed dark even in the white tank though.

So lesson here, if you want to have fish that are easy for people to see, DON'T pick Bluegill.

Yup, I can attest to that And the bgs are very good at hide and seek. 3 times I was sure I had them all out of the ibc. Had to look half a dozen times more just to be sure.

Reminds me of a true chicken story and a good lesson: This guy slaughtered all his chickens in the Fall and one day weeks later in the freezing Winter he noticed a kid throwing snowballs at the hen house. He grabbed him and asked why he would do that and the kid said he did it every day and was doing it so the hen living in the chicken house would have some water. The guy was astounded to find a perfectly healthy hen had been missed and the reason he had slaughtered them in the first place was because watering over the winter had caused frost bite to the chickens along with other problems. Turned out that Mother Nature was right again. After that he wintered them over and gave them snow.

I am growing albino channel catfish and you cannot see them a bit.

Not even the red eyes?

When they are small fingerlings their eyes and pinkness along their spines just blends into the tea colored water.


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