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Harrisburg, Non-profit

We wish to use vacant lots and donated spaces or backyards to start aquaponics systems, and teach the community about the benefit of balance.  Aquaponics will showcase our ecosystem and how to harvest it sustainably, while also providing the ability to learn and teach many other forms of sustainable practices in the fields of power, waste, agriculture and economy.

I would love to hear and see what others are doing in their local urban areas.  We don't have a system started yet, but I will post what we learn along the way, i.e. laws, helpful non-profits or grants and foundations, outlets for the distribution of locally grown organic vegetables, community outreach and personal backyard(or indoor) systems in urban environments.

Nate - - Harrisburg PA

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Hi Nate,

Boston city is currently going through a re-zoning process to accommodate urban farming. We are looking into the viability of a multi-storied aquaponics farming complex in the city center.



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