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I am having a terrible time with Cilantro and parsley. I plant the seeds and they sprout very slowly then don't want to grow. Any thoughts. Everything is in a nice temperature variable greenhouse with plenty of SE sun temps 58-84

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What are you starting the seeds in? I start mine in an organic seed starter mix. It has been my experience thus far that the plants do take quite some time to grow to a height that I am comfortable with placing into my AP system. Hope that helps a little.

I have done both started right in the hydroton as well as started in per soaked rock wool cubes. Both ways have had the same results. I now have 2 nicely growing plants
Glad to hear it!

Sorry if that came off as snobbish, I wasn't correcting you out of some strange desire to be right. I don't usually nitpick about details and words, but I thought since that this is a soil-less growing forum, that was something that should be pointed out. Hopefully my reason for saying anything was interpreted correctly. Since I can't see your face or hear your voice and you can't mine, I just thought I'd specify that.

Pat James said:

Oh, just a side note. I'm about 85% sure on this one, but castings and compost are not considered "soil". So that is technically a soil-less media

Yeah, it's soil...sorta. One of the guys on my main gardening blog likes to say "Soil is what you grow in...dirt is what you knock off your boots"

I have had trouble with cilantro and celery.

I was using whole cilantro seeds then I switched and use the seeds after I break them up or they are in 1/2. Pre-soaking cilantro works okay too. I grow micro greens and they give me a hard time. I have tried them in burlap, small cinders and potting soil and small cinders has worked the best for me so far with potting soil next. I have found that they need 2 weeks or more.

Celery was the same It took 3 weeks to get it to germinate. I was using a seed called Utah 47 I think and never got it to germinate. Then I switched to a Chinese celery and it germinates on burlap and cinders but takes 3 weeks.

I keep them dark, humid and warm.

Hey Joe...

I've been using cilantro seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds, a variety called 'Santo' (LOT# 36369 from 2011), and they've been germinating at real well (over 90%) in just hydroton. (Producing real well all winter long too). No pre-soak or breaking them up or anything...Thanks for the tips though :)


Now THAT is some serious cilantro!

Hi Vlad,

All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

 Thanks guys!

Beautiful. I'm so jealous

Have had no luck with Cilantro. My wife has accused me of sabotage because I am not a big fan, I just like it in salsa. I have tried 3 times now and they start to grow and turn yellow and die? Any tips?


Vlad Jovanovic said:

Sorta-kinda...I'm pretty sure things like compost and castings fall into the category (organic matter)...and organic matter like that only makes up 3% to 5% of most 'decent' plant growing soil...My cilantro has always been started in 100% hydroton and has grown monstrously. 

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan either (I dig the stuff, but as far as I'm concerned...a little goes a looong way). The missus on the other hand just loves the stuff...

How tall, and how many true leaves form before they yellow and die Bob?

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