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I live in Pensacola, FL and I'm planning my first aquaponics system.  I looking for recommendations on fish for a 20 gal, basic flood and drain system, that will be inside. I'm looking for easy since this is my first system.

Also, should/can I buy fish online?


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Yes, you can buy fish online, although I'd recommend you find a reliable source for what ever fish you decide to go with. Did you want a fish you can eat?

Thanks.  I would like fish I could eat, but I think my tank size is too small, but eventually that is my goal.

That would depend on the quantity of fish you wanted :) You can fit at least two 1 lb tilapia comfortably in a 20 gallon system, assuming you have enough grow space to support them. If you're planning something bigger system-wise, you could always get some fingerlings and grow them out in the 20 gallon.

Or, if you'd prefer to be able to lose a few fish without too much drama, start with goldfish; they're a common choice.

Thank, I have a 20 gallon grow area also.  But, I think talipia are outlawed in my area (north west florida - Pensacola).  Any other recommendations on fish type I could eat to fit 20 gallon tank?  How about fresh water shell fish?  Fingerlings are a good idea to save money I would think.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that whole legality thing. Pacu's probably out of the question for a 20 gallon :)

Catfish, bluegill, perch, and crawfish come to mind.

I'm just north of Panama City and having pretty good luck with channel cats.  There is a large hatchery in Bonifay, I don't know the name but they have a website so some googeling should put you there.  I will ass that the guy I got my set up from inquired with a state sponsored institute about talapia and was told not "no" but "HELL NO" and just for inquiring, someone from the state inspected his tank and took a water sample, and they monitor the hatcheries orders.  They aren't indigenous to the panhandle and it's like $2000 per fish fine so definitely do some checking before you purchase anything.

Gambusia, mosquito fish - - goldfish - sword tails, any freshwater aquarium fish

Justin Nutt said:

  Any other recommendations on fish type I could eat to fit 20 gallon tank?  

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