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recently our genius city worker decided to change the amount of chlorine going in to our city water and tripled the amount.  Also at the same time I lost some more fish. Dis the additional chlorine in the water cause the fish to die?   also I read that chlorine can make the ph reading high.  Any comment    Doc

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Chlorine is not agreeable with fish.  You should really be filtering your city water through some type of dechlorinator.  However, before you make this purchase be sure your city is disinfecting with Chlorine and not Chloramine as these type filters will not remove chloramine.  Below is a link to a reputable company selling such filters.

It's more likely that the "triple" chlorination.... was actually chloromine... not chlorine...

Chlorine will off-gas with aeration (and UV) within 24 hours.. chloromine is a different kettle of fish killing ... having an ammonia compound... and not readily off-gassed like chlorine...

I'm not sure what effect chlorine has on the fish. I think the issue with chlorine is that it kills off all that wonderful bacteria in your system that is converting that fish waste for your plants. If your bacteria die off, your water will get very toxic, very fast.

Del - Can you provide us with water sample reading of your ammonia, nitrites and nitrates?

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